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Handmade leather goods by Uit de Naad

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I make custom handbags, one by one, un par un, with the leather of your choice. You can be sure that you have a unique piece in hand, tailor made.


Even though they are not unique models, the series models are no assembly work either. Each piece is handmade and therefore "unique in the series". The leather may differ, or the size or the color.


Handmade accessories in the leather or the color of your handbag. Nothing is wasted at the "Uit de Naad" studio. Leather leftovers change into wallets, key chains, rings, bracelets etc.

Production process & Repairs

Liesbeth Haesevoets (Uit de Naad) selects leather and materials herself, in Belgium as well as abroad. All stages of the production process take place in her own studio in Leuven (Belgium). We can thus speak of a genuine Belgian product. In addition to designing and producing her own handbags, she makes small leather goods and accessories (bracelets, card holders, wallets, purses, belts ...).

The customer gets a genuinely handmade and unique piece. As a customer you can select your own material and choose a model, and if you like, you are also free to propose your own ideas and concepts. In this spirit, Uit de Naad has made shoe protectors, bags for fencing and archers and handbags fully tailored to the personal wishes of the customer.

Repairing of leather bags, replacing of shoe straps, placing of zippers in handbags and so on, are also among the many possibilities of Uit de Naad. Nothing is wasted at the Uit de Naad studio. Leather leftovers are turned into accessories and customers can even give their old leather goods a second life: Uit de Naad transforms your old leather jacket into a brand-new handbag or wallet!

Uit de Naad

"Uit de Naad" is a Dutch expression.  
“Je uit de naad werken” means "working really hard".

I like to work hard for people who appreciate it.

Liesbeth Haesevoets, product designer
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